The 11 Emotions of Cleaning Up Messes

As parents, we are no strangers to the cycle of our children’s messes. Whether it’s a broken vase, a tipped-over trash can, or an art supply debacle, the aftermath seems to go the same way. Here are the 11 emotions of mess aftermath that every parent knows all to well.

1. You stumble into a room and discover that someone’s made a mess, and suddenly you’re like,

2. You go from child to child, asking the same question,

“Who did this?”

3. Your kids are all like,

“Mom, it’s not my fault.” But then, they’re like

They make the detective work easy.

4. You find the culprit, who’s all like,

5. You interrogate the child, demanding answers. You ask,

6. The child starts with the excuses, trying their best to talk you out of being upset. They’re all,

You don’t buy it, you’re out for justice.

7. Eventually you get your apology,

Sincere or not, you’ll take it.

8. You put your child on clean-up duty, monitoring their progress

You expect this,

But you know you won’t get it. Hey, at least they’re trying.

9. Eventually, the guilty child hits the wall,

“Mom, I’m tired,” they say, hoping for your mercy.

10. But,you stay steadfast,


You’re not impressed by their whining, “You can stop when the work is done.”

11. The work is done and you breathe a sigh of relief,

After what seems like hours of your child dragging their feet and mumbling under their breath, the deed is done and the mess is cleaned. You hope they’ve learned their lesson. You don’t stay mad for long, as normalcy returns… until the next mess.

We here at Control-n-Roll want to help make your life more simple. Messes caused by kids or pets that haven’t learned how to regulate their toilet paper and paper towel usage can be some of the most wasteful and frustrating messes that there are. We want to help reduce this type of waste in your household. Check out our website to find out more information about how we can save you money and reduce paper waste at your house.

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