Control-n-Roll Helps You Save Paper Towels!

stop wasting paper towels

Do your paper towels keep coming off the roll after you stop pulling? Do you find yourself either rolling the paper towels back on to the roll or tearing off more than you need?

Finally, there’s a solution to the problem of always getting more paper towels than you need or want. When you have Control-n-Roll installed on your paper towel roll bar, with just one hand you can pull and tear one towel at a time, every time.

Stop waste, save money and eliminate the mess and frustration caused by that out-of-control paper towel roll.

Control-n-Roll is reusable, eco-friendly, American made, long-lasting and easy to install.

Also use Control-n-Roll for your toilet paper dispensers. It’s great for keeping kids and pets from making a bathroom mess.