The Energy-Efficient Future is Here

We recently came across a new product by Phillips that’s got us excited. They’ve released Hue, which is an LED lightbulb system that can be controlled and customized via any iOS device. These lightbulbs will change to your specified colors; any color you can plot on a color wheel. It’s a pretty fascinating product that gives some extra incentive to replace those old incandescent, energy-wasting light bulbs. Hue comes with a wireless remote and an app with which you can control your LEDs. Here’s a demonstration from youtuber Chris Pirrillo:

For more information on Hue, visit their website.

We here at Control-n-Roll are big supporters of products that utilize the latest technology to empower consumers to be more energy-efficient in their homes. To find out how Control-n-Roll can help you optimize your household resources, check out our about page. Happy hunting!

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