How Environmentalism Gains Steam

Environmentalism has long been left in the margins of society’s concerns. Recently, however, several environmental ideas and propositions are coming to the forefront of American popular culture through the use of social media marketing campaigns.

The video above, entitled Solar FREAKIN’ Roadways, has been slowly gaining attention since its first appearance earlier this month. The video is up to 5.8 million views as of May 27 and seems to be climbing steadily. The video explains an idea that is being presented for the first time; roads constructed out of high-tech solar panels. I recommend watching the video to get an idea of what developers Scott and Julie Brusaw are proposing to accomplish with this new product. Let’s just say that it has some impressive implications.

This marketing campaign is notable, as it exemplifies the power of social media. In just nine days, over 5.8 million people have been exposed to the idea of replacing our concrete and asphalt roads and parking lots with technology that has far-reaching environmental implications. If you believe the video, this technology could revolutionize energy, driving, fossil-fuel dependence, and a myriad of other environmental concerns. The beauty of this campaign is that it is using social media to spread the word about a solution to a problem that most Americans didn’t know existed.

Through campaigns such as this one, the population is becoming better-informed and more aware of the environmental dangers that we face as a society. It’s a remarkably positive trend, and social media outlets such as Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube are proving to be extremely useful tools for the effort of raising awareness about environmental dangers and encouraging individuals to participate in helping to save the world that we live in.

I see this campaign as an encouragement to those of us that want to see improvement in the area of environmentalism and green living. Its success is a call to band together and take to the “streets” of the internet; to let our collective voices be heard. It still remains to be seen what may become of Scott and Julie Brusaw’s Solar Roadways. But, a very important conversation has been started nationwide because of their social media marketing. Let us use it as a lesson as to how we can make a difference; how we can help bring about a society that values environmental balance and healthy living. The future is now.

For more information on this project, or if you want to contribute to their R&D fund, visit the Indiegogo website.

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