Forest Decimation as it Stands

Forest Decimation as it Stands

The National Resource Defense Council recently released a report about some of the more wasteful practices of the paper industry in the United States and Canada. They claim that “giant paper producers are forcing the destruction of our continent’s most vibrant forests, and devastating the habitat for countless wildlife species in the process,” and, “Each year, due to ongoing demand from tissue companies, clearcut logging claims half a million acres of Ontario and Alberta’s boreal forest.” Citing the high consumer demand for household tissue and paper products, the NRDC states that several major producers of paper products are decimating the forest reserves of both the United States and Canada. And, as these resources vanish “at an alarming rate,” delicate ecosystems and countless species of wildlife are at risk of extinction. The report claims that the Southeastern United States have been hit particularly hard, as they contain approximately half of the world’s tree plantations. The deforestation for the sake of producing this paper, “is expected to increase by 63% – to 52 million acres – by 2040.”

This is obviously a serious threat. Not only are we faced with the extinction of countless species of plants and wildlife, but the carbon dioxide storing capacity of these natural forests are crucial as well. As these forests disappear, it causes CO2 levels to increase exponentially, further advancing the effects of global climate change.
While these businesses’ irresponsible practices are at fault here, responsibility also falls on the consumer. The NRDC stresses the importance of utilizing recycled paper products, going so far as to offering an analysis of major household paper products such as toilet paper, tissues, and paper towels and the application of recycling practices in their prodcution. While responsible consumerism is crucial to alleviating the demand for virgin pulp-based paper products, there are additional opportunities to reduce our home-bound paper waste. Control-n-Roll is a new product that is designed to help reduce paper towel and toilet paper waste in the household, limiting the amount of paper used to only what is needed. It can help to save a family of four up to $200 annually by reducing paper waste. It’s an environmentally-friendly product designed to help combat this growing dilemma that is the cause for the decimation of these forests and the threat to these wildlife species.

Responsible consumerism is not limited to purchasing recycled and post-consumer paper products, it also includes employing responsible habits at home. Using less paper can help alleviate this wasteful over-production and deforestation. The responsibility is yours and mine, and Control-n-Roll can help.

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