Help the Environment by Using Fewer Paper Towels

Help the Environment by Using Fewer Paper Towels

Reduce Paper Towel Waste imageI recently read a post by Drew Beal on his website regarding his assessment of the growing dilemma of excessive paper waste. It was refreshing to read about another individual out there working hard to combat the preventable crisis of irresponsible paper use. Beal discusses our society’s heavy reliance “on the convenience of the paper towel.” Citing the various uses of paper towels in the household, he presents information regarding how paper towels become paper waste annually. The most surprising of his assertions is that 300,000 trees and 350 million gallons of water are used every day to produce our daily usage of paper towels. That adds up quick.

Beal justifiably calls for a change in our society’s behavior in how we use and waste paper towels. We can’t help but agree. We are pleased to say that in addition to Beal’s tips on using fewer paper towels to reduce the burden on our environment, you can use Control-n-Roll. It’s a worry-free device that slides onto paper towel dispenser bars and works as brake to stop the roll when the user stops pulling. This works to limit the amount of paper towels that are dispensed only to what the consumer needs. It’s a great development in homebound green thinking and can help to save a family of four up to $200 annually in paper waste. Plus, its environmentally-friendly production makes it an asset to the concentrated effort of preserving our precious natural resources.

Control-n-Roll will help carry on Dan Beal’s initiative; its an easy and affordable way to reduce excessive waste of paper towels and toilet paper in the home.

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