Intermarché’s Innovative Idea to End Food Waste

We recently saw the video above about an innovative new marketing campaign that French supermarket Intermarché has undertaken. The idea is simple; they began to buy all of the disfigured fruits and vegetables that their farm suppliers would have thrown out, and sold them in their stores for a fraction of the regular price. The produce that they offered was, at first, shocking to look at. But, the reality is that regardless of how they look, they are just as edible and nutritious as “normal” fruits and vegetables. The presumed need that we have developed as society to consume produce that looks a certain way has led to the waste of tons and tons of perfectly good food. In addition to the waste factor, this trend contributes to higher food prices and shortages throughout the world. This marketing campaign—showing consumers that “disfigured” fruits and vegetables are just as edible as what they normally buy—is a brilliant endeavor to help alleviate the world-wide dilemma of food waste. We here at Control-n-Roll are committed to the reduction of homebound paper waste, and we applaud the effort by Intermarché to do what they can to solve this waste-related problem. Let’s hope that markets here in the U.S. can adapt this strategy soon!

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