Major Brands Agree: No More GMOs

National Public Radio recently posted an article about several major food producers that are upping the ante in the battle against GMOs. Brands like Ben and Jerry’s are refusing to use ingredients that come from GMO products. It’s an encouraging phenomenon that has been receiving a lot of attention on both sides of the argument.

On the one side, some consumers are expressing displeasure with the changes, citing a negative shift in the taste of the products that they are consuming. On the other side are consumers that applaud the effort to improve the accountability among food suppliers. The use of GMOs by most major food producers is a growing concern among many individuals that would prefer their food to be grown more naturally.

Efforts like the ones outlined in this NPR article by companies such as Ben & Jerry’s are seen as a positive measure that will help to advance the effort of reducing GMOs in the food that families purchase.

Let’s do our part by encouraging these measures and continuing to demand accountability and enforcement of appropriate standards and regulation to ensure the protection of our rights as consumers.

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