“Remember… These Come from Trees”

I recently read an article by Leonardo Castaneda, the opinion editor for San Diego State University’s student newspaper The Daily Aztec, investigating the validity of a popular conservation campaign that has been spreading around. The campaign is an attempt to reduce paper towel use in bathrooms by placing a sticker that says “Remember… These come from trees ” on paper towel dispensers, causing anyone using the dispenser to rethink how many paper towels that they use. According to Castaneda, the campaign was set in motion by blogger Peter Kazanjy, who claims that “A non-judgmental, helpful reminder at the moment of consumption can really help reduce down the amount of unintentional waste we produce.” Castaneda’s article, however, claims that the impact of this campaign is inconsequential, as most paper towels that are stocked in public restrooms are, “the last usable form of recycled paper before the paper fibers get too short to bond together and use again. Paper towels from bathrooms get thrown away because they are too hard to recycle.”

While the Kazanjy’s sticker campaign is well intended, it is proven to be less effective in saving trees than it claims to be. This campaign does, however, do an effective job of reducing the amount of consumption of paper towels by causing the user to reconsider the cost of generating excessive paper waste.

We at Control-n-Roll applaud the attempt to conserve our paper resources, and would add that our product has been especially designed to combat excessive paper waste in the home. We can guarantee a reduction of homebound waste and invite you, the consumer, to add Control-n-Roll to your list of practices to help save money and preserve our environment by reducing your carbon footprint.

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