Ten Pets That Just Want to Help

Control-n-Roll helps you to save time, money, and paper in your household. Here are some pets that want to help around the house, too.

1. This guy that is here to help you interpret that text message:

2. This little puppy that wants you to cheer up:

3. This dog that wants you to take a break from your emails. She’s got this:

4. This guy that got you your newspaper:

5. These guys that are ready to help with the chores whenever you need them:

6. This cat that’s here with a little encouragement for you:

7. These little buddies that will help you clean your fish bowl:

8. This rabbit that wants to make sure your toilet paper is smooth:

9. Or this guy who wants you to know you’re out:

10. Or maybe this friend that doesn’t think your TP is up to their high standards:

Pets can be fun and affirming, but they can also be destructive and wasteful with things like toilet paper and paper towel rolls. Control-n-Roll can help make sure that your pets (or kids) don’t make a mess of your household paper; reducing waste and saving your family money. Find out how at ControlnRoll.com.

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