Who Cares about Toilet Paper Consumption?

Who Cares about Toilet Paper Consumption?

Apparently many people care about how much toilet paper they use.

Based on the search terms that led people to our previous blog post, you’d think some of us are thinking about how much toilet paper we use. David Patrick, inventor of Control-n-Roll, has been concerned since he was a youngster about how easy it is to waste toilet paper. Now that he has created and launched a product that puts a break on the roll, we find that most people don’t believe they have a problem with how much they use.

There are three times I think about how much paper we use in my household. The first is, of course, that private moment when I’m pulling it off the roll. You know, sometimes you just have to use what it takes. But with Control-n-Roll applied to my toilet paper dispenser, I can relax a bit because I don’t get more than I intend to pull off.

The second time I think about my toilet paper consumption is when I have to change the roll, when I find myself wishing I didn’t have to go through the tedium and spending the precious minute of my time to pull the spindle off the holder, toss the empty roll in the trash, slide a new roll back on the spindle and snapping it back in the dispenser. And if there doesn’t seem to be a new roll conveniently sitting on top of the tank, I really dread having to look in the cabinet under the sink, going down the hall to the linen closet, or worse yet, find that we’ll all out and have to make a trip to the store to restock.

The other time I am aware of the amount of TP I use is when I’m at the local Sam’s Club, wrestling that huge package of rolls into the cart, taking it though the checkout, paying for it, loading it into the car and carrying it into the house. At least I’m not buying it in smaller quantities at the supermarket, playing a higher price per roll and going back to restock more often. I should count my lucky stars for stores like Sam’s that sell it in bulk.

Back to the issue of the popularity of our previous blog post. Our website traffic report lists keyword searches done by people interested in toilet paper consumption far more often than any other keywords we’ve optimized our site for. Our primary keywords like “saving toilet paper” and “eco-friendly consumer goods” generate far fewer views than this list of our top searches in the past month.

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  • 2011 study americans use sheets of toilet paper per trip

As you can see, there are several in the list that aren’t about toilet paper consumption. (It’s good to see people searching for our brand name, an indication that Control-n-Roll’s brand recognition is climbing.)

For people interested in how much toilet paper they use, please know that if you’re like most of us, you’re likely use too much. If you are interested in decreasing your consumption of toilet paper, consider ordering the Control-n-Roll and giving it a try. We have a nifty household saving calculator that shows how much Control-n-Roll saves you money and the environmental.¬†Check out our Reviews page to see what others are saying saying about Control-n-Roll. Finally, here’s a list of ¬†web pages that deal with the subject of toilet paper consumption.

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