Saving a sheet or two of paper with every pull adds up to an exponential amount of money in a year.

Saving those extra one or two sheets of paper with every pull will save a family of four up to $200 or more in a year!

save money icon-01Let’s suppose you threw a penny in a bucket every time you pulled off the toilet paper that represents the cost of those wasted extra one or two sheets of paper. Guess how many pennies you would have in your bucket after a year? 6570 pennies. That is $65.70 each person will save over a year in toilet paper alone.

You do the math: The average person goes to the bathroom seven to nine times a day (and you may be above average), 365 days a year. So take 2pennies x 9times/day x 365 days= 6570. This can save a family of four over $250 in a year just in toilet paper and it will save you even more by using Control-n-Roll on your paper towel dispensers.

We invite you to calculate your specific household savings, click here to Calculate Your Savings, and get the amount your family will save every year by using Control-n-Roll.

Save pennies in a bucket

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