Our Top 10 Recycled Holiday Decorations

By now, you’ve almost certainly brought out the annual Christmas and other Holiday decorations from the big plastic box in the attic. But, if it so happens that you feel like you’re falling short on Christmas cheer, here is a list of our 10 favorite Holiday decorations from recycled materials. Feel free to send us photos of your own.


10. Christmas Tree made from old Christmas cards.

9. Junkmail Snowflakes

Courtesy of Michele Made Me

8. Bike Chain Star Ornaments

7. Homemade Stockings

6. Origami Ornaments

Courtesy of Creature Comforts

5. Sheet Music Stars

Courtesy of Crafty Nest

4. Soda Can Top Stars

Courtesy of IzabelaItsMe

3. Magazine Snowmen

Courtesy of How To Recycle

2. Cardboard Reindeer

Courtesy of Cindy Dirks

1. Pallet Christmas Tree

Courtesy of Juf Maureen

And there you have it. We hope this helps get the creative wheels turning for you and your household as you prepare to decorate for this holiday season. Season’s Greetings!

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