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Where have you used Control-n-Roll (check all that apply)
At homeAt workBoth at work and at homePaper towel dispenserToilet paper dispenserBoth toilet paper and paper towel dispenserDidn't use

Did you notice a reduction in paper use with Control-n-Roll?
Yes, we used a lot lessYes, we used a little bit lessNo, we used about the same amount

If you had a problem with children or pets playing with the roll, did you find that Control-n-Roll helped reduced that waste?
YesNoI didn't have that problem

Are you still using Control-n-Roll?
YesNoI have yet used the product

If you used Control-n-Roll but no longer have it on the roll, please tell us why you removed it.

Would you purchase Control-n-Roll again?

Would you recommend Control-n-Roll to a friend?

If you answered "No" to either of the two previous questions, please tell us why.

Please add any comments you might have.

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